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Progressively unique in combining multi-

I have an understanding that each person is individual, with unique life challenges and resolution needs. I spend time working with you to understand your goals and interests to develop an offering of support packages that will hold the greatest value and benefit for you. 

This can be as simple as a yoga class to help you move into your body, or perhaps more extensive as a personalised transformative coaching package developed specifically for you incorporating psychology psychology, Mindfulness, Yoga, meditation, NLP, nutrition and energy work.

Wellbeing Therapies



The ancient art of connecting body and mind for stillness and focus

Private sessions at home or specific location, I am available for any group size large all small. This is a great opportunity to work on a specific focus such as improving your practice or connecting people you care for. I offer Hatha yoga and Yin yoga at the moment. 



The practice of developing self-awareness, mental clarity, and emotional stability

Feeling confused or challenged by the practice of Meditation? No need to worry. This is a guide to what is meditation, a safe space to explore the different practices of Meditation and how you can cultivate the scientifically supported practice of easing mental stress, fatigue and overwhelm. Progressing to a space of delving deep within your being for strength and connection.


Holistic Coaching 

Combining modern psychology techniques and Eastern Spiritual philosophies to meet your goals

A collaborative approach to guide you with new insights and tools for your own work toward your health and happiness. Drawing from the knowledge of many disciplines of health, we can shift through what works to benefit your unique needs and goals. 


Corporate Wellness

Bringing Yoga, Meditation and relaxation techniques to the work  place

Boost productivity and reduce the risk of burnout with your employees by offering sessions for experiencing and learning relaxation techniques at the workplace. This is an increasingly popular work benefit that has seen huge success in the world's top companies. Classes will be tailored to suit your work environment and employee availability. 


Events & Parties 

Did anyone say Yoga party? 

Or maybe just a great group of people coming together for some wellness with yoga or workshop. 

A new trend that is seeing our festivities take on a whole new approach of bringing in fun and lightness to the increasingly popular practices of Yoga. 

Or maybe you're looking for a great activity for your group coming together to connect through techniques that will leave you all feeling wonderful and envigorated. 



Take a well-deserved restoration break from the busy world of work and life. 

Drop into gentleness and rejuvenation with some time away from the stressors of modern-day living. The intention for these breaks is to nurture your being with an immersion of self-care practices that you can take forward to your life. Including various forms of Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, basic Nutrition guide, Inner child time through Creativity, Mindfulness and Nature connection.  

Your nervous system will thank you for the break by leaving you feeling energised, inspired and full of joy!

Current Places of Work

The Medicine Wheel ~ Bondi Junction, Sydney, AU
Book online at: 

Crunch Fitness Gym ~ Hoxton Park, Sydney, AU
Members Pass required 


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