About Me

Chloe Allison, Holistic Therapist 

My mission is to support those who have suffered hardships and lost the inspiration or joy in this challenging world. I want to share with you my knowledge that comes from my experiences and training to help you feel connected again, to create the life you desire to have.


I am offering to guide you along your journey toward healing with the experience and knowledge I have built along the way. You too deserve a life free of judgement, shame, blame and guilt. You deserve the kindness, compassion and acceptance you give to others. You too deserve the acceptance of being human, with your perfect imperfections to be free from harshness.



Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Criminology


Master’s Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy


Bachelor's degree in Health Science (Naturopathy) (in progress)


Certified Coach with The Clique 


200 hours Yoga Teacher Training 

50 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training


NLP Master Practitioner


Extensive work experience with trauma-informed support and healing, and extensive youth work experience


Through my own challenges in life, I have discovered the power of the mind and how it can change the way we view the world. I felt anxious and guarded, struggling to allow people to be close to me. I struggled to open up and trust the world around me. I would seek stimulating experiences that were to distract me from the hurt I felt inside. When life became too overwhelming, I would retreat into myself and wait for time to pass. It was an ongoing rollercoaster of high anxiety and low depression symptoms. And yet something inside me knew life was better than this. Life was far more enjoyable than my mind was allowing me to experience.


My mindset was in survival mode for too long, despite any threats no longer being in my life. I started my healing with understanding the mind, through my studies and formal counselling, and came to value many techniques that I have incorporated into my daily living to strengthen my mind. I have come to value positive psychology, NLP, narrative therapy, EFT, Mindfulness, compassion and acceptance, strengths-based and goal-oriented techniques as a basis of living to keep my mind healthy and happy.


My spiritual practice was guided through my surroundings. Finding I did not align with religious practices, instead found liberation and meaning with spirituality. The connectedness that spirituality enhances, the consciousness that it encourages, and acceptances of all parts of myself allowed me to find my place on this large planet. My heart and mind opened to the wonders of the world through nature. I also found peace and joy within me through energy work. I began to build a healing practise that focuses on Chakras, identifying and understanding what I need to be doing, thinking and feeling to be balanced. Whilst I appreciate that this is an ongoing practice with new life challenges compromising alignment, I feel confident in my approach to health and happiness that empowers me to take on any challenges with curiosity and acceptance. I believe there is always a lesson in hardships.


Giving attention to my body has been a more recent focus of mine. It was through my work to understand self and find self-worth and self-love that I began to appreciate the importance of movement and nutrition. Having a meat-free diet from childhood created a need to include nutrients that most obtain from meat. I approached this need with a creative lens to build interest in diet and flavour. It has been through yoga that I found how connected the mind, body and spirit are. This set me on a course to make yoga a strong practice of mine. I will soon be completing my 200hr teacher training in yoga and will complete a degree in naturopathy in a couple of years.

Having an appreciation for these areas of improving my wellbeing toward health and happiness; how easy it was incorporate techniques to great effectiveness to only increase my appreciation for life; how I find joy in this lifestyle; how others are inspired by my mindset and practices of wellbeing; and how I have joy in my work as I have found my purpose in this world. As my self-love grew, my intuition strengthened, my manifestation is on point, I unapologetically step into my Divine Feminine self, and have found abundance and joy in my life! I wake each morning with gratitude, sparkle and enthusiasm for what the new day is to bring. I have created a lifestyle that honours my needs and wants, and this creates a ripple effect to inspire those around me. Through my devotion to me, I see how I am connected to everyone and how we all benefit from self-work. ​

And now for the fun fact: I am inspired by the name Glowie from a young woman of 4 years old. She misheard her mother, my dear friend, and the name has stuck as it resonates with the feeling I am to achieve every day, the energy I am inspired to share with the world and the pure joy that my inner child feels when I hear this name. 

I look forward to meeting you, glowing and flowing with you, and seeing your inner light shine brightly in your unique glow.