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Glow with Chloe

Holistic Wellbeing
An integrative and collaborative approach to your wellbeing 

I invite you to check in with yourself for a moment. What is it that you feel? Perhaps the thoughts are too clouding to see how you feel. Perhaps you shy away from these feelings because they are too uncomfortable. Or perhaps you’ve never had the chance to listen in deeper. These are all just natural ways of being in the human experience.


I invite you now to explore whether you’d like a change in your life? Would you like you to be free in intruding thoughts? Would you like to step into the best version of yourself? Feeling confident, light and belonging in this world.


I can tell you many people desire the change, but not many people feel the strength to pursue a lifestyle that makes them happy and healthy. That’s where the support of a person who has not only lived through the transformation but also has extensively studied and worked in the field of improving wellbeing, from a psychological, social, spiritual and physical perspective.


Combining various modalities of health, Holistic Wellness is an integrative approach to wellness that incorporates modern psychology, Eastern philosophies and complementary therapies to build a unique package that supports your healing and wellbeing.



With you being the expert of yourself, with the ability to heal yourself, and achieve your goals, the therapist will guide you with effective techniques and insights to support your journey. This is a journey of knowing yourself deeper, creating the life you choose and connecting with nature for alignment of being. Activate the inner light in you. 

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Why work with me? 

I have given the past 12 years of my life to focus on what makes one happy. Through my experiences of support work, youth work, caring roles, studying Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching, Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy, through my extensive world travels, and personal process of wellness, I have come to form a package of what I have lived and seen others benefit for increasing wellness. I have a passion for self-care, understanding that every being needs and deserves their own care and love but often sacrifices it. I am passionate to share my life's exploration to kick start yours. 

My training and  formal experience include Psychology, Psychotherapy, Trauma-informed support, social work, youth work, 250 hrs Yoga Teacher Training, mental health, stress management, emotional support work.

My Services

  • A holistic approach to wellbeing - Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Be guided in the practice of Yoga and Meditation for ultimate chill

  • Yoga & Mindfulness themed parties - Children and Adults

  • Self-care at the workplace

  • A private group booking with a specific theme

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